Thursday, 31 August 2017

Annabelle Creation- Review

I have been writing about music since long, so today I decided to write a movie review. Recently I got a chance to watch this movie and here are my thoughts for the movie-   I have to start off by giving a lot of props to director David F. Sandberg. He has appeared to elevate his skills as a director in Annabelle Creation.
   One of the best aspects of the film was the use of camera work to work with the shadows in many of the scenes. Having the audience peer into the darkness and let their imagination run wild is simply a great tactic for horror films. This really became a strength of the film especially when we couldn’t
really make out what the evil spirit actually looked like.
   Coming to the characters of the movie one must say that the acting in the whole movie is top-class and the characters are really well placed as per the requirement in the movie. The movie begins with what the title suggests - the literal making of the doll. Sam Mullins (Anthony LaPaglia), a doll maker, is putting the finishing touches on the first, and probably only, doll in this particular line of work. Soon the story proceeds and he is left with a note from his daughter, Bee (Samara Lee)-the real name of Annabelle- for a hide-and-seek game.
Sandberg also used the classical skill of utilizing the sound and volume to elevate many of the scary scenes. I think it’s safe to say that he also did a really nice job of executing jump scares throughout the film. They weren’t entirely predictable and even when you knew they were coming, they still scared the hell out of you.I loved the way how the haunting of the evil spirit leaves you feeling entirely out of control. You either have to watch the scary madness happen, or turn away and cover your eyes. It also really helped that the spiritual entity mixed things up a bit. There wasn’t just a single way that it would come and attack or scare characters.This film delivers some fun easter eggs that will surely hint at past characters, or even future movies to come. More specifically, Annabelle Creation connects the story of some of the past Conjuring movies. 

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