Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The healing power of music

Music is the rhythm of life. It is a creative tool to improve and develop the mental and physical well being of a person. First of all a question comes to my mind and the question is- What is music? The answer I got after thinking and reading different articles on music was” Music is a way of expressing our experiences. Music is a way of outward activity and inward activity”  (According to Music Therapy Association of British Columbia). The Indian Classical Music plays a very vital and tremendous role in healing a disease naturally. This music produces beneficial effects and is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually uplifting. Indian classical music is based on the raga. The raga is a melodic scale, consisting of notes. The word 'raga' in Sanskrit means  'to please'. Technically then raga means a sweet combination of musical  notes coming after another in succession. Here are few ragas and their effect in healing some of the diseases-

Raaga Gurjari Todi has a capacity to cool down the liver and Raga  Gurjari Todi and Yaman has a power of sustenance. Both raagas have a power to stabilize the wandering attention  which is very important for the meditation.Raaga Abhogi helps  to  stimulate the digestion process. Raaga Bhairav and Durga have a power of divine bliss and  protection. Raaga Jaijaiwanti helps to  controls five sense organs. Raag Malhar is useful in the treatment of asthma and sunstroke. Raga Todi, Poorvi & Jayjaywanti are useful in providing relief from cold and headache. Raga Hindol & Marava  are the ragas which are useful in blood purification. Raga Shivaranjani is  useful for memory problems. Raga Kharahara Priya  strengthens the mind and relieves tension. Curative for heart disease and nervous irritablility, neurosis, worry and distress. Raga Hindolam and Vasantha   gives relief from Vatha Roga, B.P, Gastritis and purifies blood.
 One of the unique characteristics of Indian music is the assignment of definite times of the day and night for performing or listening Raga melodies. It is believed that only in this period the Raga appears to be at the height of its melodic beauty and majestic splendor .For instance Raga Bhairav if listened to it in the early morning has different effect on the ears rather it being listening in the evening.
To conclude the power of musical vibrations connects in some manner or the other to every living being on the planet. Someone has correctly said-
            “Music should be healing, music should uplift the soul, music should inspire; then there is no better way of getting closer to God, of rising higher towards the spirit, of attaining spiritual perfection, only if it is rightly understood.”

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